Blantyre’s Christmas Lights

Blantyre’s two Christmas trees and festive street lights will be switched on earlier this year.

Blantyre Community Committee made the difficult decision a few weeks ago not to proceed with the Christmas Event in the interests of public safety given attendance is usually thousands of people and the ongoing pandemic. The decision was made in line with other competent organisers who cancelled their fireworks displays, concerts and markets elsewhere. The Committee fully intend on Summer and winter events in 2022 and we look forward to those in due course.

However, Blantyre will still sparkle this month and next. South Lanarkshire Council have confirmed they will be switching on of the lights on Glasgow Road and Main Street quietly and remotely at 4.15pm on Sunday 21st November 2021. Thats a full week earlier than usual. We’ll also be posting often about many festive things planned for Blantyre in the coming weeks!

Just 13 days to go folks!

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