Remembrance Services

There’s little need for a reminder that today is remembrance Sunday.

As we all pay our respects to the fallen military men and women over the years, as usual two public services will be held in Blantyre today Sunday 14th November 2021, to mark the occasion. All are invited. The services will be conducted at 3pm. High Blantyre Baptist Minister Steve Younger will be conducting the service at Auchentibber and Malcolm Anderson of the Congregational Church attending High Blantyre Cemetery’s Cenotaph at the same time. Each location has been decorated kindly by contributing members of the community and local volunteers.

Blantyre Telegraph has once again purchased a beautiful wreath created by Margaret Currie of ‘Dreams to Themes Creations’ on behalf of all the community in Blantyre and from all readers of this page, (regardless of where you are in the world!) It’s a gesture we know is appreciated by many people, especially a few readers who are housebound.

Carefully placing the wreath at High Blantyre in advance and paying some quiet respectful thoughts of our own this morning, we remember today all those lives lost and the pain and sacrifices they endured for us all. We hope to bring some coverage of the service later today for those unable to make it.

Lest we Forget.

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