Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas from the Blantyre Telegraph. May we take this opportunity to wish every reader a ‘Merry Christmas, Peace and Happiness” for the holidays.

As most of us are about to take things easier this week, there may be fewer posts here for a few days to spend quality time with family and friends. We remain open, though messages may take longer to respond to.

Hope you’ve enjoyed Blantyre Telegraph’s efforts throughout 2021. Thank all 22,353 readers including hundreds of subscribers for your continued, appreciated daily support. This page remains free, friendly and informative, often breaking local stories even before ‘proper’ media sources do and I’m sure you’ll agree, it remains the primary, daily source of contemporary, local news about Blantyre in any one place.

What a year it’s been! We celebrated 10 years online with 3,570 new readers in the last 12 months, a new professional look, enhanced main website and our new Groups are proving popular. Over 1,250 articles posted this year alone. Our social media “insight stats” are staggering for 2021 reaching far around the world and a following in many towns far outwith Blantyre itself.

Thank you again to the huge network of individuals and organisations behind the scenes. People who are quick to share events, news and photos as they happen (you know who you are), which is sincerely appreciated. Thanks also to Live Chat moderators Andrew and Ruth who have helped maintain order and group rules.

Of course, the main reason Blantyre Telegraph exists is to raise money for local good causes and we’re pleased to announce that by 31st December, the page will have raised over £45,400 since 2015! Not one penny was retained. All posts on Telegraph are done for absolutely no reward or wage. Our time devoted to you. Of course, the greatest success this year has been the launch of our Supporters Group, with hundreds of people subscribing a small monthly charge for good causes, to enjoy an additional 731 local news articles! If you do one thing online in 2022, please consider subscribing. It’s making a huge difference to local causes.

and remember….It’s YOU who have made this page such a success.

Thanks everybody for being SO engaging, friendly and your continued interest. From me [Paul Veverka] to you, I wish you all, a Merry Christmas!


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