Car Free Zones

Signage has been going up at the entrance to Park Lane, Blantyre this week in advance of the planned “car free zones”.

The zoned area was supposed to happen in April 2020, but delayed due to the pandemic. Of course this is in relation to school traffic with residents access continuing as normal.

What are Car Free School Zones?

Car Free School Zones is an initiative where the streets outside a school are closed to traffic at school opening and closing times. Closing the streets to school and through traffic helps to achieve a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone using the streets whilst maintaining access for residents, businesses, pedestrians and cyclists.

What are it aims?

The main aims of the scheme are to reduce the volume of traffic past school gates. This should improve the air quality where there is greatest concentration of children. It is hoped that the scheme would encourage more pupils to walk or cycle to school, with the health benefits this would also bring.

We’ve asked for more information about when the scheme will commence.


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