Man’s Life Saved by Local Heroes

Thanks are offered this week to some unknown local heroes.

On Sunday 9th January 2022 at approximately 8.30pm, a local man was making his way home when he collapsed at the side of High Blantyre Road having suffered a major heart attack. By total coincidence, an off-duty trainee Paramedic was passing, stopped, and commenced CPR. Emergency services were called and attended the scene, also in attendance officers from Police Scotland and the kind neighbour by the name of ‘Tam’ who provided a blanket to keep the man warm. They worked on him for over an hour, having stabilised him he was then transported to Hairmyres Hospital.

His sister, Shirley told Blantyre Telegraph, “I am pleased to say my brother is now recovering. He has a way to go yet but he is alive. I will never be able to convey to all those involved my deep gratitude and thankfulness to you for your persistence and care that evening. You will know who you are, and I thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart.”



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  1. This was my friend (mid-wife) who gave the CPR using the trainees equipment. A true hero- great to hear the man survived, she will be so pleased to hear this.

  2. My friend has been hoping to hear that this man survived. She is the midwife who performed CPR on him for 16 minutes while the ambulance was en route. Isn’t it wonderful that there are still people out there who don’t think twice when it comes to helping others.

  3. I’m the man in the story above, just a little late in replying!

    I’ve since found out that there were three people involved in performing CPR, a ex-lifeguard, a trainee paramedic and a mid-wife.

    To say I am grateful to these individuals for saving my life is putting it mildly, I can never repay what they did for me.

    In April, as I was cycling home a young lady called out my name, I’d never seen her before. Turns out this was the very midwife who’d helped save me.

    She had time for a cuppa and filled me in on a lot of the details of that night.

    I was able to personally thank her and wish to pass on my thanks to everyone else involved.

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