Sydes Brae & Blantyre Farm Road Cleanup

Sydes Brae and Blantyre Farm Road are just two of the areas targeted for a huge litter tidyup next week.

Work will kick off with a week-long clean-up of land on council-owned roads around the Hamilton area starting on Monday 24th January and will progress as follows:

  • Monday 24th – Blantyre Farm Road & Calder Road down to bridge 
  • Tuesday 25th – Sydes Brae 
  • Wednesday 26th – Newhousemill Road 
  • Thursday 27th – Muttonhole Road 
  • Friday 28th – Carscallan Road 

To ensure the safety of the workforce, each road will be reduced to one lane at the sections being worked on between 9am and 3pm daily. However, as some could take longer than others, drivers are urged to be prepared for potential delays or to consider alternative routes. 

During last year’s campaign more than six tonnes of rubble and three tonnes of litter were collected, including a variety of items widely accepted at the council’s Household Waste Recycling centres such as toilets, ironing boards and paint tins. Worryingly, a variety of potentially dangerous items such as oil drums, gas canisters and tyres, were picked up too. 

Teams spent six days clearing the 300+ bags and numerous van loads of illegally dumped litter and waste at a cost to the council of almost £8,000. Councillor John Anderson, Chair of the Community and Enterprise Resources Committee said he was ‘disappointed’ that the work was needed again.

He added: “We are working hard to keep the area we all live in clean and free of the scourge of dumped litter and rubbish, but we need community buy-in too. Sadly, many of the habits that lead to litter-strewn roads, and eyesore sites of illegal dumping are ingrained, and we take our role in changing that seriously, through a combination of education, awareness-raising and enforcement.

“Nonetheless, we also have a duty to make sure that the communities in which we live are safe, clean, and welcoming. So, while we condemn the actions of an irresponsible few wholeheartedly, we have to take this action to improve the environment. 

“Make no mistake, however, every penny and hour spent doing this is money and time lost to the council and its communities, all because a minority don’t think the rules apply to them. There is simply no excuse for this type of selfish and irresponsible behaviour which blights our environment and requires thousands of pounds of council funds to clear up. 

“I want to say sorry to all of those who might be inconvenienced by the restrictions caused during the clean-up and thank them in advance for their patience for what should be an unnecessary task.” 

Penalties for those caught dropping litter range from £80, while the Illegal dumping of waste carries fines from £200, as well as the potential for criminal charges and even a prison sentence for the worst offenders. 

A continuing programme of similar clean ups is planned across the council area during February and March; full details will be publicised in advance.

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