Blantyre’s New Nature Reserve

No, it’s NOT an April fool. This IS going ahead.

South Lanarkshire Council have advised it intends to create a new nature reserve on the outskirts of Blantyre. The council will manage the land between Blantyre, Uddingston and Bothwell from the Priory Playing fields, all the way to Haughhead, with exception of some privately owned areas like Blantyrefereme and Redlees. Some nearby residents have already been contacted by letter about the proposals.

A new nature reserve will be created officially protecting the area for its biodiversity and for recreation. The area centres around the River Clyde banks and covers areas from Blantyre Braes, near he Livingstone Birthplace, towards the Priory Playing Fields and beyond. The area is of value to the community due to its current recreational use, its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife.

It means a level of protection is now in place against any possible houses ever being built on this green area.

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