Our March Fundraising

The totals are in for March fundraising here at Blantyre Telegraph and what an REMARKABLE month considering we were actually closed for 4 weeks! As always, it’s YOU who’s made it happen. We’re delighted to announce a very decent £242 was raised for local good causes!

As always, not one penny is retained by us!

Added to our overall fundraising total to date, it means Blantyre Telegraph (and its readers) have now raised a whopping £46,672 since the page started in 2011! 

With us being off for major surgery (triple bypass), the £242 raised by the kind members of the supporters group was entirely donated to the British Heart Foundation.

Our website has been updated with donation and award records, in the interests of full transparency here. https://theblantyretelegraph.com/raised/

As Blantyre Telegraph grows from strength to strength, we thank you for your continued interest and overwhelming support, making this possible. In April 22, Supporters Subscriptions will be going to the High Blantyre Baptist Church, to fulfil a donation promise we made to minister, Steve Younger. We hope it can be put to good use for the congregation.

Want to help? And get EXTRA local and regional news here for the price of a cup of tea. Can you spare just £1.79? Simply upgrade to supporter: https://www.facebook.com/becomesupporter/271133402907727

Getting local news daily AND helping the community! Now THAT’s a winning formula!! Thanks for all your support, liking, sharing and commenting.


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