Traffic Chaos after Concert

Chaos erupted last night after the Ed Sheeran gig at Hampden as people tried to get home by car.

Concert attendees complained of being in queues to get out the carpark for over two hours, with some people having a total journey home lasting over 3 hours. Its known many Blantyre people were caught up in the gridlocked scenes.

The disruption was largely caused by the fact there were no late night trains, with many attendees choosing to drive, which filled up adjacent streets and supermarket carparks, as well as the full official venue carparks.

One attendee reported seeing cars “almost crashing”, tweeting: “Jesus Christ Ed Sheeran was phenomenal but if that’s how badly managed crowds leaving Hampden are I’ll never be back for another event. Never seen chaos like this in my life. Cars almost crashing left and right, pedestrians nearly knocked down and no cops to be seen.”

Were YOU held up? Has it put you off concerts anytime soon?


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