Missing Cot Bed

A Blantyre resident is trying to trace a missing Cot Bed which was delivered to her close last week. As she was out, it was left in a ‘safe’ place at the property.

Whilst we wouldn’t normally post about missing property, this item was higher value and had been left by the courier on Tuesday in the resident’s close in Lime Grove, Coatshill, Blantyre as confirmed by the courier’s photo. When the resident returned home, the brand new cot bed was gone.

Perhaps somebody has simply taken it in for safe keeping and still intends to deliver it? The alternative of somebody stealing from a baby doesn’t bear thinking about. We hate to think that some lowlife has stolen it out of badness or worse to keep it for themselves. Thieving from others, especially during a cost of living crisis and as this item was for a baby…..is really the scummiest thing to do.

If you know more about this missing item, please contact Police on 101.

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