Get Well Soon Kayden

Meet brave six year old Blantyre lad, Kayden Doherty who’s had a tough time this week.

Unfortunately, Kayden was knocked down by a passing car in Coatshill yesterday, Sunday 31st July and ended up in hospital. He had been crossing the road to get to his house.

Taken to Wishaw General by an ambulance, he was kept in last night for observation after suffering a fairly bad head injury, but thankfully he is okay!

Kaydens aunt told us, “Our whole family are counting our blessings that’s he’s okay and still alive!! A lot of neighbours and friends were very worried when they saw him being knocked down and taken away in the ambulance!”

The accident is a timely reminder for drivers to slow down in residential areas and that many kids are still out playing during the summer holidays. At this location, kids play football at two grassy areas. The family also wanted to point out the importance of teaching kids to more vigilant of vehicles when out playing, especially when crossing the roads.

Meantime, we hope Kayden makes a speedy recovery. If the family wants to get in contact with us again by messenger, we’d be happy to arrange a ‘get well’ gift. Posted with family permission.


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