Care Hub Name Questioned

Local councillors have called for public to be involvement in the naming of the new Blantyre Care Hub, which is nearing completion at the former St Joseph’s Site.

At the social work resources committee meeting earlier this month, a proposed name for the hub was revealed, with the council suggesting – “Blantyre LIFE”.

The progress on the facility was welcomed, however the name was criticised by some councillors. Council officers explained that Blantyre LIFE stands for Living Innovative Fully Everyday, and the name was seemed to meet with the approval of immediate neighbours

Councillor Alex Allison (Clydesdale East) said: “I’m very surprised with the name, it sounds very uninspiring – more like a sports centre – should we not maybe look at what the community has to say about this?”

His motion was seconded by councillor Richard Nelson (Larkhall), who said: “The name isn’t giving the facility any justice, we need to consider it and move forward together, the proposed name is not appropriate.”

The state of the art facility will be shortly handed over to the council at the end of the month.

Have your say. What should the new development be called? Or is “Blantyre LIFE ok?”

Photo Courtesy: Blantyre Drone Works



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