Hibernating Hedgehogs

It is December, the winter hibernation period of Hedgehogs.

If you find a seemingly “dead” hedgehog, do not bury it, do not throw it in the trash … We know that no one wants to see a dead animal in the garden etc , but it could be a hibernating hedgehog.

Hedgehogs hibernate from November to March, usually burrowing for safety, but since we have less green areas, bushes or forests, it is harder to find safety.

Some may come into your homes, sheds or outbuildings looking for safety and warmth to hibernate, some are so exhausted from the search that they fall asleep in the strangest of places. When you hibernate, your heart rate and overall body function slows down as a way to conserve energy, which can make it harder to be sure between hibernation and death.

If you see a stationary hedgehog, make sure it is in a safe, warm place where it can stay for up to 5 months. If you find a disoriented hedgehog in your garden , house or street, put a cardboard box lined with newspaper in a dry, safe and quiet place for him to rest peacefully

Hedgehogs are an endangered species, completely harmless and very important in our ecosystem.

Please be careful and protect the hedgehogs, it costs nothing to help such a fragile animal.

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