Scotland Sings

Last year we advertised about a new show called “Scotland Sings” looking for local singers.

Well, Blantyre man, Stephen Hawkins responded to the show and is actually going to be on it.

The show is attempting something very special. In an attempt to demonstrate the power of singing, they are assembling a choir in the space of just 3 weeks to perform on one of Scotland’s biggest stages.

However, the group is entirely comprised of people who lack confidence, have faced setbacks in their lives or feel socially isolated. Hosted by vocal coach Yvie Burnett.

Stephen for example, used to sing in holiday parks but severe ulcerative colitis stopped him from working. Others battle with agoraphobia, another suffered from tongue cancer and others in the mix have a range of issues. The choir aims to bring people who can sing together, unifying them, to overcome their setbacks and restore confidence on a popular wide platform they wouldn’t normally be able to perform on.

This interesting show is on BBC Scotland this Thursday 27th April at 22:00 and is repeated on Sunday on BBC One at 4.35pm. It’s two x one hour episodes.

We’ll be right behind Stephen, watching his story and performance with interest. Well done!


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