Tackling Mental Health

Chloe Isaac, a tatoo artist from Blantyre launched the Self Love Club Tattoo studio on Carluke High Street in 2022 as a means to also tackle mental Health.

After years spent tattooing part-time while studying a criminal law degree at the University of West of Scotland, Chloe became a business owner, also documenting her mum’s mental health battle.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Chloe moved home with her mum who, during that time, was struggling with her mental health, so Chloe would tattoo her every day, with each tattoo representing a self-love slogan or image.

Chloe soon realised the meaningful impact of the tattoos, which gave her mum something to reflect on and be proud of. Determined to help people feel good about themselves and raise awareness of mental illness, she sought to turn this part of her life into something positive for others and her idea for the Self Love Tattoo Club was born.

To help turn her dream for a business into a reality, Chloe approached Business Gateway for advice. She was supported with a range of services, with guidance from her local adviser, Lisa Cullen, helping her to develop her first detailed business plan.

Chloe uses her tattoo studio as a safe place for all walks of life to come along and feel safe and comfortable. It is a mindful space, complete with comfortability forms, privacy screens and noise cancelling headphones.

And, after a year in business, she has already expanded her premises and team after receiving support from Business Gateway.


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