Multiple Vans Broken Into

Police are looking for two lowlife thieves who caused havoc and vandalism in Blantyre last night. The thieves, two males prowled the streets at night in their vehicle, targeting parked vans, presumably in the search for tools and valuables.

The idiots, who found themselves captured clearly on CCTV many times over, stopped their silver hatchback Audi, getting out to rip open the metal on resident’s van doors. They appear to have targeted several different vans, centred around Victoria Street and the Crescents and clearly were disturbed in some of their attempts.

Residents who shared information online today added, “The Audi is silver, blacked out windows and registration ends in YLE.”

Police were contacted by each vehicle with CCTV footage handed over. With breakins by the same men in East Kilbride too, authorities are keen to ensure arrests are made as soon as possible.


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