Fireworks Poll Result

The results of our Fireworks Poll this week are in! A good wee sample of 890 people taking part (thanks for that!). Here’s what readers said, after we asked “Should Fireworks be banned?”

84% of people said Fireworks shouldn’t be banned, with only 16% wanting an outright ban.

52% of all voters said Fireworks should only be at licensed displays, a clear indication of the annoyance at fireworks being set off in streets and parks. A fifth of all people suggested fireworks should be silent and 12% hoped things are kept as they are.

Attitudes to fireworks appear to be slowly changing over the years, people becoming less tolerant of them, and not just pet owners. With legislation in recent years restricting hours and sales, it may be a matter of time before the majority in this poll, get their wish.

Whatever you’re doing tonight, be safe, responsible and have fun!


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