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Looking for Owners

This little cat has been coming to a garden at Nordic Crescent for several months and we’ve posted unsuccessfully before about this trying to find the owner. However, during this latest visit, it was noticed the cat appears injured and could perhaps do with some attention from a vet. It seems to have an injury […]

Lost Your Cat?

A few messages in about this cat today and this evening. Does anybody know more? This black cat has been wandering through the Timber Houses in Blantyre this afternoon and evening. People are concerned for it appears to be quite old and possibly deaf/blind. It was earlier on Birdsfield Drive just at the top of […]

Anybody lost a Cat?

Another feline story this lunchtime, but this cat has been found and we’re trying to trace the owners! This little black cat has turned up at an address at Morris Crescent, Blantyre. It’s safe and residents have fed and watered it. However, the cat keeps coming back to their home at night wanting in. The […]

Lost Your Cat?

This little cat has been coming to a residents back door in Nordic Crescent for some time but has turned up today with an injury to its back leg. Does anybody recognise it? Just to make the owner aware that it looks like its slightly injured.