Injured Cat Cared for

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Blantyre Telegraph reader Cheryl Gardiner has given us a wee update on the injured cat who was visiting her garden.

Remember this nice cat? The owner was unknown and was visiting Cheryl’s home often. Last week, she noticed the cat was now injured.

She managed to tease the cat into my house (after midnight on 16th Oct). Cheryl told us, “I cleaned his wound and called SSPCA, but they wouldn’t take him, told me that the best they could do was take him from me the release him as the were at full capacity.”

She continued, “So I got In touch with Clare Latta from ‘Cats Concern’ who then organised a vet appointment and foster home for him. He stayed with me over the weekend and has just been picked up. He would make someone a very loveable companion, he’s adorable and just wants to be loved.”

Thanks you to Clare Latta for her help when SSPCA couldn’t. If interested in giving this handsome cat a home, please contact Cats Concern.

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