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The Cornerstone: Reviewed

An important week for the Cornerstone pub in High Blantyre as food returns to the menu! We decided to pop by to see what all the chat is about. It was great to see a buzz about this pub again as the new kitchen opened yesterday. Michelle has worked extremely hard to get a decent […]

Cornerstone doing Food!

The fortunes of the Cornerstone, High Blantyre continue to turn around with news that the pub will once again be doing food. The pub which has seen new management in recent weeks, has some big plans as it welcomes the community back. With the kitchen recently taken over, the pub will once again have food […]

The Cornerstone Crow

Could this week get any more bizarre! To the new landlords of the Cornerstone Pub, High Blantyre or the associated brewers……there’s a large crow trapped inside your closed pub. (Not sure if coming out will be classed as essential travel)

Cornerstone lease up in September

It is with some sadness we see that the Cornerstone Pub, at the junction of Main Street and Hunthill Road has a sign up giving up the lease. The High Blantyre pub is expected to change ownership in the coming months when the lease expires on 7th September 2015. The little pub in recent weeks has […]