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Vehicle Fire at Calder Street

Emergency services responded this morning when a car at Calderside Nursery Carpark caught fire. Shortly before 8am today, Wednesday 01 May 2019, the car was seen with smoke coming from it and calls were made for the fire service who promptly responded. The resulting smoke could be seen from as far away as the Village […]

High Blantyre Fire

Breaking News: A serious fire at Kirkton Avenue has been reported in High Blantyre, this evening Monday 25 February 2019. Emergency services have been in attendance since around 7.45pm. Up to 4 fire engines 2 ambulance and police cars are at the scene. It has been reported that a vehicle was on fire at the […]

Springwells Fire

A derelict tenement corner block caught alight earlier today, Friday 15 February 2019 at Springwells, Low Blantyre. The former Miller’s Fireplaces building was observed to be on fire around 10.15am and the fire brigade was called for. The fire was quickly extinguished before it took any significant hold on the building. The drama caused some […]

Breaking: Blantyre Asda Evacuated

Emergency Services attend Emergency services have arrived in the Blantyre ASDA carpark around 6pm this evening, Thursday 24 January 2019. This is the scene at present. The store is being evacuated with people asked to leave. Best avoid for now, if you were thinking of heading there. Photo Courtesy: Sowerby

Cemetery Trees Set on Fire

We’re sorry to report that trees were deliberately set on fire earlier today in High Blantyre Cemetery, just off Cemetery Road. Fire engines responded to a call just around 12:20 today, Tuesday 15 January 2019 after trees were seen to be alight. A local lady had witnessed a man acting suspiciously just a little earlier […]

Madras Fire, Burnbank

A significant fire closed off part of Burnbank, earlier this evening Monday 3rd November 2018. Police cars blocked off the road completely at Burnbank Road around 5.00pm diverting traffic as firefighters tended to a fire, which seems to have broken out just after 4pm at the Madras Indian Takeaway. Further police arrived and set up […]

M74 re-opens after tanker fire

Earlier today, an oil tanker caught fire on the M74 motorway causing huge disruption and the closure of the major road in both directions near Lesmahagow The fire which occurred before midday was brought under control, enough for diversions to be created with vehicles being allowed to travel on the opposite direction, in the hard […]