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Glass on Glasgow Road

We’ve received a report that there’s lots of small shards of glass all along Glasgow Road, Blantyre. It seems to start at Cloudhowe Terrace and is strewn all over the carriageway, beyond the West end to the A724 road heading out to Halfway. Though small enough to not cause vehicle punctures, they could present a […]

Dog Injured by Broken Glass

The amount of broken glass in public parks is a cause for concern after a Blantyre dog was injured yesterday. Wee Susie who lives on Station Road cut her paw on a broken bottle at Stonefield Park. The dogowners tried to clear the glass away but there are still small bits remaining, enough to put […]

Glass Alert for Pets owners

A heads up for pet owners if you’re out walking your dogs in Blantyre. This little dog ‘Bubbles’, was injured tonight by shards of glass on the Larkfield Bing, just off Glenfruin Road. A local lady told us there is glass all over and although she thought she had avoided it, she noticed later her […]

Dog Injured by Calder Glass

Sadly, a dog was injured by shards of discarded glass in the Calder today. A local lady took her dog to the Calder today, Wednesday 17 April, as he loves to swim in the river. Unfortunately though, since she was last there, many discarded glass bottles have been thrown into the shallows of the river, […]