Dog Injured by Calder Glass

Sadly, a dog was injured by shards of discarded glass in the Calder today.

A local lady took her dog to the Calder today, Wednesday 17 April, as he loves to swim in the river. Unfortunately though, since she was last there, many discarded glass bottles have been thrown into the shallows of the river, not far from Milheugh Bridge (bottom of the Brae).

Her dog was badly injured this afternoon and needed emergency surgery. The cut was 1.5 inches deep by 4 inches wide. As pictured, the dog will need time to recover and the family have also been left out of pocket to the tune of £500. Their dog may take weeks to fully recover and be on his feet again.

The lady told us this evening, “Hopefully you can let others know to be so careful with their dogs there as a lot of dogs were in swimming today. I would hate for other pet owners to feel the way I did today and see their beloved fur babies in as much agony as he was in.”

With a hot Easter weekend due, we’ve been asked to raise awareness of the issue, especially if kids or dogs are anywhere near the river. Traces of glass were also apparent near the falls.

The upset lady added, “Hopefully people will see this post and be cautious”.


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