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Dog Attack at Kirkton Park

A 15 year old boy has been left with scars and deep marks on his head, following a dog attack in a High Blantyre Park. The boy and his friend were in Kirkton Park, just off Main Street, High Blantyre on Monday 7th October 2019, when a black ‘staffie’ dog came up to them. Unleashed, […]

Kirkton Park Fun Day

The Kirkton Park Summer Fun Day is being held on Saturday 17th August at High Blantyre. The annual fun day organised by Hyper Cyber takes place the first weekend after the schools go back and promises a whole host of fun attractions! Inflatables, Live Acts, climbing wall, skate ramp, just £4 will get you an […]

Park Entrance Work

South Lanarkshire maintenance crews were busy today working at the entrance to Kirkton Park at High Blantyre. The overgrown, old trees at the Broompark Entrance have been cut down today, back away from the stone wall, which was being damaged by branches. The stone pillars have been carefully taken down for later reconstruction. Work is […]

Land Auction Extended

The land at High Blantyre did not sell at Auction on 8th February and has now been extended for sale at a renewed auction on 16th March with a price of £45k. The site comes with lapsed planning permission for 7 retail units and a restaurant. Auction Date: 23 March 2016 Start Time: 7.00pm Auction Location: Glasgow […]