Dog Attack at Kirkton Park

A 15 year old boy has been left with scars and deep marks on his head, following a dog attack in a High Blantyre Park.

The boy and his friend were in Kirkton Park, just off Main Street, High Blantyre on Monday 7th October 2019, when a black ‘staffie’ dog came up to them. Unleashed, with no apparent owner nearby, the dog seemed friendly enough allowing the boys to pet it.

However, when they turned away, the dog’s demeanour changed and unprovoked, it pounced, latching on to one of the boys around his head. As his friend frantically tried to get the dog to let go, the teenager suffered injuries to his ears and head directly from the animal’s teeth. His friend eventually managed to get the dog off him.

The lad was taken to hospital for a tetanus jag.

His mother added, “We have no idea whose dog it was but I would hate to think what the outcome would have been had it been a younger child. I want to raise awareness.”

A reminder that even if friendly dogs approach you, people of any age should not clap unattended dogs, unknown to them. It’s understood that the SSPCA has been contacted and hopefully this dog isn’t still roaming around unattended.

First and foremost, we hope the lad makes a quick recovery, in what sounds like a frightening incident. This post serves to raise awareness in the Blantyre area.

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