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Weather Forecast

Gardeners will be pleased to hear that rain is expected tomorrow, Saturday 30th April 2022. This last month has been one of the driest Aprils on record and some plants, vegetables and lawns have been struggling from lack of water. Rivers and reservoirs are low. Today sees the end of high pressure over the UK […]

Heavy Rain is inbound

It’s time to ‘batten down the hatches’ as three days of rain is inbound for Central Scotland. Tonight, Scotland and Northern Ireland will see the band of rain move south-eastwards, reaching north-western England later. It’s going to be very wet and for the time of year, a very mild night. Tomorrow, (Wednesday) southern Scotland will […]

Different Sort of Day Forecast

Well, it may have topped 29 degrees today in Scotland, but it’s goodbye to heat like that as things are already starting to cool down. In fact, weather will be very different tomorrow. An end to the tap water problems is in sight as some rain is forecast, greatly needed to top of Central Scotland’s […]

Flooding Around Blantyre

Weather continues to disrupt travel this evening with many flooded roads, now causing obstruction. Pictured is Flemington Farm Road, leading to Stoneymeadow. Significant flooding at Hamilton Road and Sides Brae has got worse over the course of the day, with some nearby storm sewers now unable to cope. Be careful at rivers too. Both the […]

Flood Alert!

The weather is pretty abysmal today as you’ll likely know. Widespread flooding is commonplace all over Central Scotland. In Blantyre, please take care at the Calder, where the River has burst its banks, the area is very marshy and in places, downright dangerous. Some of the heaviest forecasted rainfall is still to happen later this […]