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Redlees Clean Up

Last Friday, many youngsters had their last day of Secondary school prior to their exams and being a nice day, went out to celebrate. There was a gathering of between 100 to 150 teenagers at Redlees which we understand was generally well behaved. The following day, one local lady told us, “I went down to […]

Redlees Vandalism

Sad to see vandals have targeted the small pedestrian footbridge at Redlees Park. The wooden pedestrian railings have been pulled off and are lying in the water in what can only be described as ‘mindless vandalism’. Please take care crossing, whilst this edge protection is missing. This destruction happened in the last 24 hours. With […]

Life Buoys at Redlees

A concerned resident has messaged us today advising that the two life rings at Redlees Urban Park are missing. The safety devices are usually hanging up at either side of the deep pond, but it’s unknown what happened to them. Sharing the residents concern, we’ve reported this asking for their replacement and been advised that […]

Danger on Frozen Water

With a thaw expected this weekend, an advance warning goes out to avoid standing on frozen open water. This includes local rivers like the Calder and Clyde and any small lochs or ponds that may have frozen over, e.g Barnhill, Redlees, Heritage Park at EK, etc. The recent cold spell of weather has meant that […]

Fly Tipping at Redlees

What a mess at Redlees Urban Park! This lot has been tipped this week right into the public car park, at the entrance. Some lowlife decided to turn off Blantyre ferme road and tipped this lot instead of going another mile to the open tip. It’s bad enough being in lockdown, but having to be […]

Burned Out Car

A burned out car lies abandoned in the carpark at Redlees Park, just off Blantyre Ferme Road. We’re unsure if this was the car others reported on fire a few evenings ago? However, for the information of those who use the park, it’s now been phoned in for removal.

Redlees Park, Rural Mess

Disappointing to see the mess at Redlees Park this week. The public space just off Blantyreferme is unsightly with litter almost everywhere, bins overflowing, tyres discarded and plastic on the side of verges. Disappointing to see the sign removed for the life ring and indeed the ring itself missing, which is only there to save […]