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Lost Your Wallet?

Has anybody in Coatshill, Blantyre lost a wallet? Two young boys have found a small wallet and handed it into the Spar Shop in Coatshill Avenue. There’s a card inside with the name Miss C Lusk. Do you know her? The card can be reclaimed from the shop with ID.

Anybody Found a Wallet?

A local man has recently dropped his wallet on Hunthill Road between the Cornerstone pub and the Hoolet’s. He’s been back since and can’t find it. It has all his important ID cards for work and his driving licence.It’s a black Burberry wallet with EDF embossed inside of it. If you’ve found it, please contact […]

Boys Wallet Found

A boys black Nike wallet has been found today on Station Road. It contains a Young Scot card which belongs to Anthony Valentini. Do you know him or his parents? If so, it can be reclaimed from the staff at the Madras Cottage Takeaway at 2 Station Road, where it was handed into earlier. Please […]