Blantyre Telegraph donation to Drew Morrison

victoria care homeDrew Morrison, a resident at Victoria Care Home, Victoria Street Blantyre, has not been keeping well of late. Upon hearing that he was finding it difficult to move very far, Blantyre Telegraph paid him a face to face visit on 11th June 2015. We’d never met Drew before, so our visit was a surprise to him, especially when we donated £30 worth of books to keep him occupied.

Drew told us he likes reading ad interested in Blantyre and Hamilton. His deteriorated health in the last year has made life difficult at the moment, but he’s in good hands from the caring and wonderful staff at the care home.

Such small donations are only possible from the funds raised by the growing number of people buying our on and offline monthly newspaper. Please support The Blantyre Telegraph by picking up a copy of our newspaper and ensuring we can make many frequent donations like this to loads of local good causes. Lets spread a little happiness.


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