Exclusive: BSA Fundraising Success

11012907_904369039619218_3915272368994971876_nAnother amazing example of fundraising going on in Blantyre. Well done on the incredible donation of £8,500 raised by the wonderful folks supporting events organized by the Blantyre Soccer Academy. This has directly benefited the Good Child Foundation in Thailand.

Jimmy Whelan, of Blantyre Soccer Academy told Blantyre Telegraph, “The Academy are delighted with the phenomenal amount of money raised this year and over the past 3 years and with the wonderful partnership they have forged with the Good Child Foundation. The Academy have run the Reamonn Gormley Memorial Soccer Festival every year since Reamonn’s death which raises a large sum of money but in addition to this they organised their inaugural Reamonn Gormley Sportsman’s Dinner which raised additional monies allowing them to surpass any monies raised in previous years to allow them to fund activities for the children of the Good Child Foundation in Thailand.

This is a fantastic school which was set up by Paul Lennon and his wife Pun who are based in Chanthaburi in the province of Thailand, the school offers placements for children with Down Syndrome who have previously been excluded from a school environment and an education, the benefits are immeasurable. The school supports children through peer support and social inclusion eliminating the barriers and stigma attached to disability.

A short while after Reamonn’s death these children went on a once in a lifetime trip came to visit Blantyre to pay their respects to him and his family, this touched many people’s hearts including the committee of Blantyre Soccer Academy and now the rest is history.”


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