Exclusive: A725 Raith Interchange Update

Road works are progressing well at the new Raith Interchange. Drivers will again have noticed this week that further new routes are about be opened, with yet more diversions from the old routes on the new alignment. The more keen observer will also have noticed the creation of TWO new lochs, which are large floodwater catchment area, which will in time be beautifully landscaped. (1 loch is on the left as you cross the A725 bridge, with Bothwell Bridge on your left. The other is at the BogsBrae Sliproad on the left as though you’re heading up that hill).

Of note this week is the first concrete pours of the elevated roadways. Construction of the concrete bridge piers is now underway, with the large concrete monoliths now visible, following striking of the formwork shutters. On the Southern Blantyre side of the M74, elevated roads will form a new roundabout over the new underpass.

Speaking of which, Blantyre Telegraph have been passed sneak previews of 3d modelling of the underpass. The ground level picture is what will be seen if you were driving from Blantyre up to Bellshill, where soon you’ll be able to travel without stopping, straight under the new M74 bridge in a lower tunnel. This should certainly see the end of queuing traffic at Raith, certainly for traffic in those directions. We have to say, drivers haven’t been too inconvenienced so far (long may that continue) and the project, once completed is likely to be welcomes by many commuters.


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