Blantyre Dog ‘Cosmo’ Rescued by Heroic dog walker

cosmoresuceLocal man Christopher Slivinski told us this evening of how his dog was saved today from certain death, by an unknown man.

Christopher had been walking his Springer Spaniel dog, “Cosmo” down the Calder this morning on Sunday 15th November 2015 in what was a fairly wet and grey day. Seeing the Milheugh falls in spate, Cosmo whilst off the lead, jumped into the water, which was turbulent, fast flowing and dangerously high. To Christopher’s horror Cosmo was immediately caught up in the current, in difficulties and being dragged quickly downstream.

Chris moved ahead quickly and lay down on the river embankment to try to get a hold of Cosmo, but missed, and the dog was carried further downstream in the rapids. Then, from nowhere, an unknown man wearing camoflage knee length shorts appeared. The man had been walking his own dogs and spotted the horrible scene unfolding. Quickly jumping to action, the unknown hero risked all by leaning into the fast flowing river and managed to grab hold of an exhausted Cosmo, much to everybody’s relief.

Speaking exclusively to Blantyre Telegraph this evening, Christopher told us, “I want to say a huge thanks to that dogwalker who saved my springer spaniel. Without him intervening by grabbing him, I’m afraid Cosmo would have been in canine heaven tonight. All our family thanks this unknown man for his heroic actions.”

Pictured is Cosmo afterwards, drying off back home and also a photo taken today at Milheugh Falls.

Do YOU know the unknown hero? If so, please get him to contact us. Blantyre Telegraph has a little something here as a reward!


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