Blantyre girl’s special moment

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 19.34.14Blantyre girl, Aimee Glen has become somewhat of a local celebrity the last couple of days, thanks to a short video she captured on her phone, whilst on the train.

Aimee happened to be in the right place, right time when a flash mob choir burst into song in a train carriage as a man proposed to his girlfriend. Captured all on her camera, the short video was uploaded and has attracted over 500,000 views online! As the crowd burst into “You’re just too good to be true”, the surprised lady said “yes” at the exact spot she had met her man on the train 5 years earlier.

Hotel worker Aimee Glen, who filmed the touching proposal said she even began singing along to the famous love song ‘I Love You Baby’ by Frank Sinatra with her mum and auntie.

She said: ”The ladies got up and started to sing. I started to video them because they sounded amazing, however once they stopped singing they pointed to the couple sitting beside me, the man stood up and got on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend who he met on this train five years ago! The large group of ladies turned out to be a choir who were asked by the man to sing for this special occasion. The rest of the passengers on the carriage were friends and family of the man and woman! What a beautiful thing to see! So congratulations to this lovely couple!”

Later, the lovely engaged couple (Stuart and Michelle) phoned Aimee’s work at the Parkville  Hotel ,booked a table, came in for dinner and said they would keep in touch with her.

You can watch Aimee’s video here


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