Police called to Farm Road

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 23.59.16A local lady who lives on Farm Road, Low Blantyre last night called police to report suspicious activity near her house.

Police were phoned around 10pm last night, Tuesday 20th February 2018 when a young, lone man was spotted acting suspiciously.

The lady who wishes to alert other residents told us, “He appeared to be looking up my neighbour and my driveways, focusing on the darker, back gardens. When he noticed that I was watching him from the front of the house, he acted strangely, by running off and hiding in a telephone box. He was later spotted back near the house again, prompting the call to police.”

Police cars did respond patrolling the area for a time after, something reassuring to the resident of the house.


The man was in his mid 20’s, around 5 foot 4″ and wearing a navy blue tracksuit with hood. He had dark hair, cut very short and was shaven.

As always, with these sort of reports, we would ask everybody to be vigilant and don’t think twice about reporting suspicious activity to Police Crimestoppers on 101.


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