Crime: Low Blantyre Break ins

breakinUnfortunately, we’ve received four separate reports of clustered thefts and break-ins at Low Blantyre last night in the early hours of Monday 3rd September 2018.

Between 4am and 4.30am, a male was spotted in Manus Duddy Court attempting to enter homes and vehicles unsuccessfully. In such a busy street, people were vigilant and called Police. When the man realised he was being observed, he left towards Farm Road.

Shortly after a grey petrol lawnmower was stolen from a couple’s back garden in Farm Road, naturally leaving them upset. It’s unknown if the same male did this, but is co-incidentally in the exact location the man was last seen heading to.

A car was then opened in Kerr Street. The resident who experienced this theft told us, “I never leave anything of any value in my car, but £5.40 and a keyring fell out of the thief’s pocket in my car.” Ironically, leave the resident actually better off!

However, the actions of this night-time prowler are no laughing matter. More seriously, a man of the same description then managed to enter a woman’s house at the bottom of Station Road, attempting to steal the household dog. As before Police were alerted.

Police caught up with the male on Station Road, who was in a worse for wear state, wearing flipflops and inebriated. It is understood, he was lifted for questioning but unknown if he was the same person involved in all last night’s incidents.



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