Crime: Van followed young girl

heathHeathcliffe Avenue, Blantyre

A Coatshill family have been left upset tonight by a frightening incident when their 10 year old girl was followed by a van.

The young girl was walking home from her friends this evening Sunday 21st October 2018 around 7.30pm when a white van drew up beside her matching her walking pace. It was already dark and she took a route she was familiar with.

The girl was concerned enough to immediately phone her mum and whilst doing so the van stopped beside her. When she started walking again at pace, the van started following again, keeping up with her. Alarmed and knowing her mum doesn’t have a car to pick her up, the child felt her only option was to run into the nearby shop on Coatshill Avenue until the van left.


She’s home safe and sound now but the family were alarmed and asked for this incident to be shared here. The van is described as “being a big white van with notable dents in the side of it”.


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