BSA Hopes Dashed


Blantyre Soccer Academy received some disappointing news today when they were told that plans to transfer a council hall to them may not take place.


During a call with Blantyre Soccer Academy this afternoon, Jimmy Whelan told us, “It is with deep regret that I inform you that our quest to gain a community asset transfer of Rowan Hall has been deferred once more (reasons out with our control). This is a huge blow to us as we thought we were moving forward but yet again the powers that be have put the blockers on it, bearing in mind that this hall has lay dormant for the last four years.”

The Academy which teaches football to youngsters of all ages, had for many weeks been looking forward to acquiring a new central asset in Blantyre, something they could develop for the community and themselves. Indeed, the plans seemingly needed to be merely rubber stamped but a meeting yesterday ‘pulled the rug from their feet.’ causing frustration and anger.

We know exactly what this meant to Blantyre Soccer Academy, having witnessed them being “short changed” on several decisions over the years, despite being one of the most important, progressive movements for youth sports in the whole of South Lanarkshire.

Despite this setback, seen very much as temporary, the Academy are willing to continue their plans for acquiring this asset and hope, all being well that a reconsideration will be made in the coming weeks.

Businesses willing to provide investment into the community and provide such interest in local youth are few and far between. When it comes to community assets, we firmly believe decisions about Blantyre’s spaces and buildings should not be influenced by those living outside the area and certainly not by people who have no real understanding of businesses making the application.

Blantyre Soccer Academy has a motto, “Sola Juvat Virtus”, Latin for “Virtue Alone Assists” or quite simply “showing behaviour of high moral standard alone will get it done!” We trust those in power to transfer the asset to the Academy take heed in those words and give Blantyre their voice. Do the right thing. Put the “stamp” on the deal at the earliest opportunity!



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