ASDA Takeaway opens this Friday

There’s just a couple of days to go until Blantyre ASDA’s brand new takeaway pizza counter opens!

ASDA’ fitters are in working on the new pizza counter tonight and all the finishing touches being attended to ahead of the grand opening in the cafe this coming Friday.

People are going to be bowled over by the incredible value. Cooked, hot Pizzas are being sold in one massive size at 16 inches for only….£6 or just
1 large slice for £1.50!

They’ll be £5 and £15 deals available too. Sides includes mozzarella sticks, French fries, mac cheese bites, chilli cheese bites, onion rings and southern fried chicken strips. The £15 deal includes 1 x 16″ pizza, 4 sides, large bottle of ginger and a Ben and Gerrys ice cream. The £5 deal includes 1 large pizza slice, 1 side medium dispensed drink and small Ben and Gerrys ice cream.

You can phone in too to order and simply pop round to pick up. We have a feeling this is going to be incredibly popular!

Tag somebody who fancies a slice.


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