Susie’s Maritime Success

Blantyre woman, Susie Thomson will be laying a wreath at the cenotaph in London today, Sunday 10th November 2019.

Susie is part of team which works to reduce the risk of dangers on BP’s tankers, including explosions, piracy, groundings and cyber security attacks but her career started in another way. Her successful story is one worth telling here.

She went to sea at 16, joining the RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) as a deck officer cadet. She was at sea for 12 years in total, working her way up through the ranks working on a range of military support vessels, tankers and ferries, gaining her Masters ticket at 27 years old, a significant achievement and impressive responsibility.

Earlier this year, Susie was named the very first Female Chartered Master Mariner and for this, received a key to the City of London. It’s an rare accolade, with her in this achievement are only about 20 men. Now with children and a husband, she’s accepting that her career is developing in a different way, perhaps more ‘land based’.

Susan’s mother is rightly proud. Her dad passed a while back but we’re sure on today of all days, he is looking down with pride.

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