Remembrance Day Video

It’s Remembrance day and we look this morning to Blantyre’s History Archives, sharing a haunting, beautiful video created by sister website, “Blantyre Project.” Please do SHARE this far and wide!

This sentimental 4 minute 30 second video features photos of Blantyre people, set to an appropriate soundtrack. Not just the brave men who fought and died in WW1, but we also look back on life in Blantyre as a community during that time. You’ll see the worry, the fear, the sorrow in the eyes of ordinary, local people.

The moving video remembers too the men and women who worked on in Blantyre, whilst their relatives were on frightening battlefields and in the misery of the trenches. We remember the children left behind whilst fathers, brothers and uncles were gallantly fighting for them. It shows also what Blantyre looked like in those war years. We remember too, the war efforts here at home as doctors and nurses tended to the war wounded in surrounding large houses, converted to hospitals.

We remember most, the soldiers. Those Blantyre men who bravely made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Lest we forget.

We will remember them.

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