Breast Screening Appointments

An important post. You may have noticed that there’s a mobile breast screening unit in the Blantyre Asda car park? Blantyre Telegraph has recently learned that there’s an alarming amount of women missing their appointments.

NHS staff confirmed that many women simply haven’t turned up. As well as a real risk to themselves, those missed appointments are costing the NHS financially. Hairmyres Hospital confirmed it costs £136, every time somebody who had previously booked, doesn’t turn up.

Seeking some local feedback on this, one lady who went for her mammogram today told us, “It literally took me 10 minutes out of my day. Ok it may be a wee bit uncomfortable, but worth it for peace of mind.”

Whilst we cannot speak from experience or cannot comment on why those appointments may be missed, we do fully understand the importance of screening and how it can save lives. Did you know….One in twelve ladies will be recalled for further investigation. If your wife, partner, mum, auntie, daughter, sister, cousin, gran or your next door neighbour has received an appointment, please do encourage them to attend.

For your information, the contact number for West of Scotland Breast Screening is 0141 800 8800. Please share.

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