Priory Bridge Inspection

Following a recent picture on our sister website, ‘Blantyre Project’, some concerns were raised about the safety of the old Priory Bridge. The bridge situated beside Caldergrove, not far from Glasgow Road is entirely closed off to vehicles and pedestrians, a safety measure implemented decades ago, so it has always been a very low risk to people.

Recent pictures have shown the abutment bases have been somewhat eroded over time, perhaps due to heavy post Millennium rainfall and the swelling of the River Calder. A sizeable crack has opened up on one side, fuelling further concerns. Cllr Maureen Chalmers raised the concerns with South Lanarkshire Council, receiving the following response from Engineering & Building Standards officers. 

“Dear Councillor Chalmers – I refer to your enquiry about the condition of Priory Bridge. Engineers from our Roads and Transportation Services inspected the bridge and asked the Building Standards Service to consider its condition as it concerns the structural safety of a building located on private ground. I have inspected the bridge and it is noticeable that it is in a poor condition. At this moment in time, I am comfortable that due to the remote nature of the structure and its conditions presents minimal risk to the general public. I have instructed a detailed ownership search in order that I can consider the next step. “

It’s good to see the matter is being given attention. Whilst things are ongoing, these recent photos are a good reminder that this bridge is a thing of beauty and nature is fast claiming it back. The redundant river crossing is Centuries old. 


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