Shooting Range back in use

ATTENTION ‼️ We would like to make members of the public aware that the shooting range and field training facility at Dechmont Range in Cambuslang, is now back in use.

As people take to exercising outdoors again more and more, this news will be important for Blantyre and Cambuslang residents.

The 150-acre site can be accessed from several entrances including Gilbertfield Road and around Dechmont Hill and is used by Reserve Forces and Cadet organisations.

When red flags are visible, the range is strictly forbidden. When there are no red flags training may still take place and extreme caution must be taken. Please be vigilant when entering the range area.

Please share with anyone you know who walks in this area.

For more information on Lowland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association, its 136 sites and the Reserve Forces and Cadet organisations in Scotland visit


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