Traffic Accident Update

We’ve had so many messages this evening about a wee boy who was hit by a driver at Coatshill this evening.

Many people have been worried asking about the boy and given his condition was unknown we decided not to post. However, his family have now been in touch and we can now thankfully confirm, he is ok.

Four year old Robbie Hemphill was knocked down this evening Tuesday 16th June 2020 around 7pm. He was crossing the road at Devondale Avenue, Coatshill, Blantyre near his friends house.

The car did not stop immediately, but a short time later arrived back on the scene as police and paramedics attended. Three people had been in the car.

Robbie is in Wishaw General, bruised and with cuts, but his spirits are high. After xrays, he’s being kept in tonight for observation.

His gran, who confirmed the above, told Blantyre Telegraph tonight, “Police and ambulance crew were fantastic with Robbie, thanks to them for their patience. We’d like to let everybody know, especially concerned neighbours that Robbie is ok.”


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