Received Unexpected Package?

Dozens of people throughout Lanarkshire and Glasgow have reported this week that they’ve received an unexpected parcel in the post, despite not having ordered anything.

The mystery is easily explained and unfortunately is part of a scam. The process is known as “brushing” where vendors in China seek to increase their standing on Eastern Auction site, ‘Alibaba’ (Far Eastern Ebay)

Vendors hire individuals known as ‘brushers’ and pay them in advance to place real orders for cheap or inexpensive goods. Supplying them with Western postal addresses, the vendors then send out the rubbish goods from China. Once received in the West, they are recorded as being received and this triggers an elevated standing on the auction website, pushing them higher to the top of search results.

The practice is illegal and considered false advertising. However, for many it is a cheaper form of increasing their standing, rather than paying for increasing their rank via advertising. It can be a complex subject.

So, are the goods worth anything? Can you keep them? Unfortunately, the goods are next to worthless, not worth raising with any payment vendor. They are NOT for others, or incorrectly delivered. You WONT have paid anything, your financial details safe, but there is a concern that your postal address has featured on a list in another country. It’s unlikely to keep happening, as once used, lists are usually redundant.

Indeed, given they have come direct from abroad and knowing there is an unconnected global health pandemic on, the best thing to do is throw them in the bin, don’t give them a second thought and hand sanitise. Hope this explains.

Have your say. Have YOU received an unexpected parcel from China lately?

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