Pets Premature Death

We were saddened to hear from a Blantyre Telegraph reader who sadly had to put down her three year old dog last Friday after her pet took seriously ill.

Symptoms appeared to be poisoning of some sort. The lady told us, “I have heard reports of another 3 or 4 dogs becoming suddenly ill and dying in the same area. I’m concerned that there is a current rat infestation nearby and that dogs may have accessed bait?”

She continued, “If this is the case, I would like other people to be very vigilant to keep a very close eye on their pets as well as young children. I would be very appalled if this was the case or if this was the cause of my young dogs premature death”.

There is however, no definite link to pet deaths and rat traps, with environmental health officers particularly careful about what is used to trap rats. Losing a pet under any circumstances is particularly distressing, even more so when the pet is so young. We’re thinking of this family at this sad time.

This article serves as a little reminder simply to keep an eye on our pets when they’re off leads.

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