Phone Bank Scam

Police Scotland are investigating an incident where a consumer was contacted on several occasions by different people who claimed to be from his bank. The callers explained that he was being phoned by so many different members of staff because of new rotas during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Callers told the consumer that there was maintenance required on his account and that, in order for it to be carried out, he would have to transfer money into a ‘safe account’. He was then told to download three seperate Google apps which gave the caller remote access to his tablet, mobile phone and laptop. Once the apps were downloaded, he was advised to switch off his electronic devices for 12 hours to allow for updates and for the money to be transferred.

The consumer had no further contact from the scammers and, when he checked his bank account, found that a significant amount of money was missing.

According to a recent fraud report from UK Finance, a total of £207.8 million was lost to authorised push payment (APP) fraud in the first half of 2020, when victims were persuaded to make bank transfers to online scammers they believed were genuine traders or service providers.

Police Scotland advise that you should never give any personal information or bank details to a cold caller, even if they seem to know some of your details already. 
Your bank will NEVER cold call and ask you to transfer money to another account.

Contact your bank immediately if you think you may have made a payment to a scammer or if you are worried that a fraudulent transaction has been made from your account.
If you have been the victim of fraud, contact your bank immediately and report it to Police Scotland on 101.

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