WDRG Military Fair Success!

The Western Desert Recce Group based in Blantyre Industrial Estate had a tremendously successful military Fair last weekend with over 200 member of the Blantyre public and beyond attending.

The fantastic event took place at their premises at High Blantyre on Saturday 9th October and though it was due to start at 10am, they opened the doors early as queues were building up. It was a fantastic day with 28 tables taken and vendors offering everything from military items, scale models, 1940s themed knitted items, books and vehicle bits n bobs. The team also had their amazing, renovated military vehicles outside on display.
The team had their NAAFI Cafe was all set to feed the appreciative public, with various hot rolls and food and drinks with an all day long 1940s radio show and music playing in the background.

Co-organiser Gary Wallace told us, “The vendors feedback was very positive and all are looking forward to next one.  We will be planning more over the next few months, with more military fairs, scale model shows and events, 1940s movie evenings and themed events. The most important thing was the support from the public, who were mainly from the local area, although we did have some from further afield. We did gain some prospective new recruits and looking forward to welcoming them in the near future.  We at the WDRG thank everyone for all their effort, their attendance and their support for our wee charity.”


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