Report Fly Tipping

Fly-tipping is unacceptable and those responsible should be held accountable.

That’s the message from the chair of the Community and Enterprise Resources Committee, Councillor John Anderson. He said: “I am calling on anyone with information regarding the dumb dumpers fly-tipping here or anywhere to contact the council.

“There is absolutely no need for this kind of behaviour, especially at a time when we are experiencing staff shortages because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation. I would urge anyone with any information about those responsible to get in touch with the council.”

It comes after fly tipping, especially in the East Kilbride area is on the rise. This week one of our readers shared this photo of some disgusting fly tipping in a residential area at Kirkton Avenue, High Blantyre.

Don’t wait for others to report it. Fly tipping can easily be reported by calling 0303 123 1020 or logging the complaint on the council’s website.


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