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Blantyre Telegraph is now closed. Temporarily until “sometime in March”.

A note from admin: “I apologise for the inconvenience and loss of news service here for the next few weeks. Due to a major heart operation, I’ll be in hospital on Sat 18th Feb, and have taken the unprecedented step of closing this charitable news page for the very first time in 11 years. This is necessary of course whilst I’m in immediate recovery. This is NOT the end of the page. Consider it ‘a temporary pause’. 

Bringing the Blantyre news to everybody is a real privilege, something I’m incredibly proud of and will never tire of. It’s been difficult at times, being done outwith a full time job elsewhere. It’s incredible that readership is now over 22,500 people, on par with major (and real) news companies. No bad fur a wee Blantir page! I’d like to say thanks to everybody for their patience and interest, especially to the loyal, growing group of subscribed supporters who have made such a difference to local good causes. That’s why this friendly page exists and I hope for a long further association as admin for many more years. 

The Blantyre Telegraph Live Chat Group page will remain open in February, kindly being run by moderators.

For now though, I’m signing off and I hope you understand my unusual, rare requirement for a “little me time.” See you with more local news in March!

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  1. Take care Paul, wishing you a fast recovery x

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